Pallet Rack Optimizes Warehouse Storage and Efficiency

Drive-In pallet rack

For those with warehouses and products moving in and out of their business, pallet racking is one of the best ways to maximize your space and efficiency. Pallet racking is an excellent way to keep your products and warehouse organized. There are a variety of different kinds of pallet racking systems, each suited for different products and warehouse sizes. 

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Narrow Aisle Warehouse Solutions - The Right Size For Any Job


We are all adapting to our new normal since the onset of COVID 19. With E-Commerce booming, warehouse and distribution centers are having to assess their operations and methods of handling inventory. They are having to transform their warehouse space to maximize storage and accessibility. As a result, warehouses are turning to longer and more narrow aisles, making handling material a challenge. With a number of warehouses and distribution centers opting for these narrow aisles, there is a greater need for equipment that can maneuver within these tighter spaces. Madland Toyota-Lift is ready for the challenge and understands the importance of helping you choose the proper equipment to maximize and optimize your warehouse space.

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E-Commerce is Booming and Changing the World of Warehousing

E-Commerce is Booming and Changing the World of Warehousing

The convenience afforded to consumers through online shopping has changed not only the way that customers are shopping, but it has forced businesses to have become more creative in their approach to meeting consumer demand. The trajectory of the trend in ecommerce was already on pace to put increasing pressure on businesses to be able to meet customers' expectations that their orders be delivered quickly, accurately and undamaged, but in light of the pandemic we are facing globally, that pressure has never been greater.

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How Does the Proper Loading Dock Equipment Help?


 Let's take a look at some different scenarios, focusing on safety first. Loading docks are busy places with multiple activities taking place simultaneously and are the most common area for accidents to occur. In many cases, there's no one person capable of overseeing everything that's going on while product is being moved in and out, trucks are being loaded and unloaded, weather concerns may be an issue and pedestrians and moving equipment are operating in the same area. It's a recipe for the potential of serious injury, but you can take steps to ensure that your dock operations are running safely and efficiently.

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Three Steps To Warehouse Optimization


As the owner or manager of a warehouse or distribution center, you already know the rewards of having an efficient, well-organized and smooth running facility. Product can be received, shipped, loaded and unloaded easily; orders are fulfilled when needed; inventory is maintained and productiveness and safety are top priorities. An operation that is struggling with these concepts can fall quickly into disorder: product is not rotated properly; racking is crammed with unlabeled product; customers waiting on orders are cranky; and safety takes a back seat as operations are rushed and hurried.

Learning how to make the best use of your space is the first step in optimizing operations. There are plenty of tried and true methods to achieving this important state. Here are three ways to get started.

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We’ve Got A Solution For That

Complete Industry Solutions

At Madland Toyota-Lift, we are known for serving the forklift and material handling industry since1981 in communities all over central California. Our experienced and professional staff consists of invested sales stars, highly-trained parts and repair service personnel and long-term community-minded people.

As a true full-service forklift and material handling dealer, we offer new and used equipment, aerials, rentals, parts and service, training and safety products. Our warehouse equipment includes racking, cranes, conveyors, hoists, dock equipment, storage and recycling equipment. We also carry industrial floor cleaning equipment, as well as personnel carriers, utility vehicles, stockchasers and tow tractors.

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