forklift attachments

Picking the right attachments to use with your forklift will mean increased productivity, less damage to product and less stress on equipment. Mainly by default, forks are the obvious and most popular choice of forklift attachments, but there is a wide variety of other forklift attachments that can help you do a better, more effective job, thereby maximizing your resources. At Madland Toyota-Lift, we have a range of forklift attachments available for your unique challenges. 

Side Shifters

Side shifters allow forks to be shifted to the left or right without the operator having to leave the seat and manually adjust, increasing productivity as well as decreasing forklift wear and tear by letting operators pick up loads that are not aligned with the lift.

Fork Positioners

Fork positioners give the operator the ability to increase or decrease the width between the forks without leaving their seat.

Paper Roll Clamps

Paper roll clamps save precious resources by allowing the forklift to clamp onto the sides of a roll of paper without damaging it. These clamps can be used in other applications, as well.


Rotators come in handy when bins or containers are being stored and transported.

Multiple Load Handlers

Multiple load handlers add more power to your forklift by adding a second or third pair of forks to the truck, allowing you to increase productivity.


This handy item frees up space in your warehouse and saves money by allowing you to place loads on cardboard or plastic slip sheets instead of the traditional pallet.

Parts for All Makes & Models
We offer high-quality parts for all makes of lift trucks, forklifts, floor cleaning equipment, utility vehicles, aerial lifts and other material handling equipment.