capacity yard truck

Yard trucks, also known as spotter trucks, terminal tractors or yard dogs, are designed to move trailers, shipping containers and/or agricultural storage, loaded or unloaded, throughout your indoor and outdoor facility. Madland Toyota-Lift is a full-service yard truck dealer with a selection of new, used and rental yard trucks, as well as providing a large inventory of yard truck parts and top-of-the-line diesel mechanics for yard truck service.


Increased Productivity & ROI

There are many benefits to employing a yard truck in your operations, including increasing productivity by allowing operators to move up to three trailers in the same amount of time that a standard tractor can move one. Because operators don’t need to spend time outside of the cab to crank trailers before hooking up, you can maximize efficiency and productivity.

Yard trucks have an excellent ROI when commercial freight yards are moving many trailers. At Madland Toyota-Lift, we also offer used, short-term and long-term rentals, as well as rent to own yard trucks.

Application Solutions

Yard trucks are different from a standard tractor in many ways, including a shorter wheel base, a single person cab, easy access through a rear door to trailer connections and a wider view that allows for more rapid trailer movement.

Simply put, yard trucks are a great resource for anybody that needs to move trailers, shipping containers and/or agricultural storage equipment in a variety of settings, including cargo yards, large warehouse operations and agriculture operations. Yard trucks are durable, reliable and will help your trailer moving operations move smoother and more efficiently.

At Madland Toyota-Lift, we stock a full array of parts for yard trucks, as well as having diesel mechanics on staff for your service needs. Contact us today at any of our three convenient locations to learn more about yard trucks.

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