industrial forklift tires

At Madland Toyota-Lift, we support our clients and partners with a full line of material handling tires. Because Camso is a key partner of Toyota, having won the Core Value Award: Respect for People and the Global Contribution Award, we are proud to partner with Camso material handling tires. Camso leads the globe in designing, manufacturing and distribution of tires for off-road purposes, including the material handling, construction, agriculture and power sports industries.

We know your tire selection is important – for many reasons, including safety and efficiency. At Madland Toyota-Lift, we also offer tire services, including replacement tires, tire mounting, tire pressing, competitive prices and service at three convenient locations or at your location. Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of material handling tires.

Some of Camso's Off-Road Material Handling Tires Include:

RES Xtreme Forklift Tire

Res Xtreme NMAS and Pon 775 NMAS

These tires are anti-static and are perfect for preventing static build up.

PON 775 Forklift Tire

Pon 775

Designed with heat resistance, energy efficiency and long life in mind.

Air 550 Forklift Tire

Air 550

A budget-friendly option, this tire combines a comfortable ride with long life.

Ecomatic Smooth Press On Forklift Tires

Ecomatic Smooth Press On Tires

Perfect for material handling operations with low intensity applications.

pneumatic forklift tire

Portmaster Pneumatic Tires

Designed for use in highly abrasive applications, it is puncture resistant and the most durable bias tire in the world.