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When you are looking for a safety-focused and multi-tasking indoor/outdoor aerial lifts, the Aichi series by Toyota Forklifts is the answer to your search.  

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aichi vertical mast lift

Vertical Mast Lift

Aichi’s new vertical mast lift is designed for tight-fitting and high-reaching needs. This innovative technology is the answer to working in narrow aisle situations, where precision counts. The working height of the new vertical mast lift is 18-22 ft. and this equipment runs longer than traditional DC or hydraulic drive systems.

Standard features include a 110V power outlet for charging power tools and batteries. The working platform can be extended by 15 inches for better safety. The new Aichi vertical mast lift is the solution to your narrow aisle challenges.

aichi scissor lift

Scissor Lift

The Aichi Scissor Lift SV2632E has the capability of lifting up to 500 lbs. at 306 inches and 800 lbs. at 236 inches in 33 seconds. This Aichi Scissor Lift has a 90-degree steering angle and a zero-turn radius. Other unique elements include brushless AC drive motors, onboard diagnostics, easy maintenance and superior travel and lift/lower speeds.

Aichi Scissor Lifts are designed with operator safety and comfort foremost in mind. These scissor lifts are highly maneuverable with a max speed of 3 mph. With folding handrails, they are easily adaptable to narrow spaces. Once up, the over and across with extending platform makes reaching product much easier and safer. A battery discharge indicator on both the platform and the base let operators know when a charge is needed. With safety features that include tilt alarm, anti-rollback and controlled descent, the Aichi Scissor Lift is a great addition to any fleet.

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