Improving Productivity With a Forklift Sideshifter

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In many cases, a base model of some equipment or other cannot handle every single job that you'd like it to in the normal course of business. That's why manufacturers make attachments. Whether it's a vacuum cleaner that needs to clean the rugs, plus freshen up the drapes and furniture, or a forklift that has multiple functions in your operation, attachments are made for specific jobs. Whether you are in distribution, warehousing, agriculture, oil, aerospace or other applications, increasing productivity every day is what keeps a company competitive. Using the correct forklift attachments to boost capacity makes sense to the bottom line. 

Forklift Sideshifter 

A forklift sideshifter is one attachment that it might be hard to do without in today's atmosphere of using every inch of available in your application. For many of us, that means tight spaces and aisles - and that's one place a forklift sideshifter can really shine. Sideshifters allow forklift operators to shift a load from side to side for reduced handling time and improved maneuverability. 

Faster Loading and Unloading 

A sideshifter permits the operator to spot loads against sidewalls or in tight stacks quickly and accurately. No more "jockeying" to get the exact entry position. Sideshifters also help operators place loads in difficult locations like behind rail car doors.

Reduced Product Damage

With a sideshifter, operators can easily position forks for correct pallet entry, decreasing the chance of shoving forks into an improperly aligned pallet – a major cause of pallet damage. In addition, the potential for damage to your product and racking is significantly reduced. 

Improved Warehouse Space Utilization

Sideshifters simplify tight stacking and encourage neat, well-aligned stacks which means better use of warehouse space. 

Faster Cycle Times

Faster cycle times are obtained by laterally positioning the forks or the load without repositioning the forklift. Operators can make faster approaches with a minimum of maneuvering to spot the load which means faster cycle times. 

Increased Maneuverability in Tight Quarters

Sideshifters ease maneuvering in places like narrow aisles, rail cars and truck vans. The ability to shift the forks a few inches means completing the turn without repositioning the forklift. 

Reduced Wear and Tear on the Forklift

 Since forklifts maneuver less, there's less wear and tear on the forklift.

Operator Confidence and Safety

Sideshifters create more efficient workflow and less overall movement which helps reduce the risk to pedestrians and damage to products and racking. When operators are confident that they have the best and safest equipment, they tend to perform better.

It's easy to see why the sideshifter attachment is the most popular forklift attachment.

Fork Positioner

Fork positioner are another productivity boosting attachment. They are used in a variety of industries for any number of applications. Like a sideshifter, the fork positioner allows the operator to position the forks from the driver's seat, rather than getting off the forklift, which results in:

  • Position Forks Accurately
  • Reduce Product Damage
  • Reduce Pallet Damage
  • Improve Operator Safety
  • Increased productivity

At Madland Toyota-Lift, we have a vested interest in making sure you are getting the highest level of performance from all aspects of your application. Contact us at one of our convenient locations to talk about how we can help you integrate and optimize your operation.

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