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As a company or business that chooses to use diesel engines, you probably already know that diesel fuel gives you a bigger bang for your buck when it comes to fuel economy. Diesel engines are also known for their impressive torque, vital for some applications. Diesel engines also do less damage to the environment than their counterpart, the gasoline-powered engine. Many material handling companies, as well as agriculture, oil and gas, and marine-based operations, turn to rugged diesel equipment for their heaviest chores.

As a material handling company or business that uses diesel power, you already know that it takes specialized training and handling to service and repair these engines. At Madland Diesel Fleet Services, we understand diesel-powered engines. We are a Capacity diesel truck dealer, and we offer diesel-trained and certified mechanics to service all diesel engines, including Cummins. We also offer parts for most diesel brands. 


For many people, Cummins engines are the definition of hard-working, rugged and reliable equipment. As a certified Cummins dealer, we understand the methodology behind the Cummins name and have the training and experience necessary to offer parts, maintenance and repair.

Almost 125 years ago, Rudolf Diesel began experimenting with a revolutionary new engine that he envisioned would provide more power, while operating more efficiently, than the gasoline- and steam-powered engines of the times. Although both gasoline and diesel engines are powered by internal combustion, the diesel engine ignites with its own generated air power, while the gasoline engine needs a spark to create its own mini-explosion.

Over the years, the engine that Diesel had the patent for was given several facelifts by innovative and advanced engineers. With an emphasis on environmental standards, today's diesel engine runs much cleaner than prior models. In fact, in 2017, Cummins reworked its diesel engines to meet much higher air quality and emission standards. There are many reasons why people choose diesel engines, including:

  • Fuel efficiency - Because diesel fuel is thicker than gasoline, it provides better fuel mileage
  • Reliability - Although the diesel engine takes a specialized mechanic, they are designed to last longer than gasoline-powered engines
  • Power - Due to a higher torque, diesel engines provide more power

You'll find diesel engines employed in heavy duty applications including in locomotives, construction equipment, submarines, ships, agriculture and plant generators. When your operation calls for heavy-duty power, you'll most likely be turning to a Cummins diesel engine.

Diesel engines in general - and Cummins diesel engines in specific - take highly-trained and certified mechanics to maintain their performance and repair them when necessary. Becoming an ASE Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine technician isn't something to be taken lightly. The training is rigorous and takes numerous weeks to complete. These Cummins-certified mechanics are not fly-by-nighters: they are serious professionals who have put in the time and effort to become the best in the industry.

Our Cummins diesel repair mechanics have experience in maintenance and repairs, so we offer routine maintenance, as well as maintenance programs, plus repair and parts for Cummins engines. When servicing your Cummins engine, using OEM parts is recommended to maintain optimal performance. 

Capacity Yard Trucks 

Speaking of tough workers, Capacity yard trucks have a well-deserved reputation for being able to handle your most demanding tasks. Known by a variety of monikers, (terminal tractors, yard mules, yard spotters, yard dog trucks, yard goats, yard jockeys or switcher trucks) their main job function is to move big, heavy equipment around areas that are filled with other big, heavy equipment.

You'll find yard trucks for a variety of applications, including ports, railway hubs, distribution, and in an array of models designed to accommodate a mix of operations. Regardless of your application, Capacity offers the TJ Series and Sabre yard truck to handle any job. 

TJ Series

TJ stands for "trailer jockey," one of the many nicknames of the yard truck. Available in three models, 5000, 6500 and 9000 series, the TJ name means reliability and durability. These models are all known for their lasting strength in tough jobs. Other specs include:

  • The single-axle TJ 5000 is perfect for warehouse and distribution center applications and is capable of moving up to 81,000 lbs in Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCVWR).
  • The tandem-axle TJ 6500 is also a great choice for warehouse and distribution center applications and handles up to 125,000 lbs in GCVWR.
  • The single-axle TJ9000 is rated for up to 242,000 lbs in GCVWR and is the master of warehouse and distribution, intermodal and ports.

The TJ series are all designed to work well on the less-than-optimum road conditions often encountered in yards where heavy equipment operates. 

Sabre 5

This turbo-charged yard beast is capable of moving up to 81,000 lbs GCVWR and offers a great ROI for warehouse and distribution center operations with good pavement conditions. With a military-grade steel frame, the Sabre 5 includes a larger cab for more comfortable operations. Powered by Cummins, the Sabre 5 answers the call for rugged, yet economical, undertakings.

Capacity Overview

Besides being known for its rugged, durable and reliable condition, Capacity trucks have also gone a step beyond their competitors with an emphasis on safety and ergonomic features that protect operators from the hard tasks and injuries derived from moving heavy equipment. One reason these trucks have names such as mule and goat is because of their traditional jolting and rough ride - conditions that give rise to a variety of injuries. Capacity yard trucks offer Dura-Ride on some models as an option, which provides benefits such as:

  • Smoother ride
  • Reduced operator healthcare issues

Dura-Ride technology also gives better protection to the overall condition of the truck, extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance and repairs. 

Diesel Engine Services You Can Trust 

In Southern and Central California, Madland Toyota-Lift is the diesel engine service provider you can trust. We are an authorized Cummins and Capacity dealer. As part of that, we offer full-service diesel maintenance, repair and parts. Our diesel mechanics are knowledgeable and factory trained.

Besides material handling equipment, we offer maintenance and repair on all diesel engines, including RVs and trucks. Our OEM parts department is fully stocked and if you can't come to us, we've got a mobile diesel repair service to come to you. Contact us today to find out how our diesel fleet services can be your partner in productivity. 

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