Why Madland Got into the Diesel Fleet Business

Madland Diesel Fleet Services

At Madland Toyota-Lift, our business decisions are driven in large part by our customer-centric goals. Our main objective is to provide top-of-the-line, hassle-free products, and services for our customer partners. As such, it only makes sense to add a diesel service and repair division to our operating model. We are happy to announce that Madland Diesel Fleet Services, a Cummins and Capacity dealer, is now open for business. 

Located in Kern County and serving Southern and Central California, Madland Diesel Fleet Services offers experienced and professional diesel engine maintenance and repair for all types of diesel equipment, including our Cummins and Capacity products, plus RVs, trucks, and complete diesel fleets. Our state-of-the-art diagnostics will insure you meet your productivity goals by maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime.

By branching out and growing to meet our customers' expectations, Madland Toyota-Lift is following our mission and tradition by offering our customers options for reliable, professional, and available solutions to optimize their operations. 

Dealing With Diesels 

Utilizing diesel over gasoline-powered engines makes sense in many applications since diesel is known for decreased fuel consumption under heavy loads and longer service intervals. For heavy-duty applications, diesel engines give operators more torque - something that can come in handy when moving larger loads. Since diesel engines are built differently, they require maintenance, service and repair with technicians who specialize in diesel engines. At Madland Diesel Fleet Services, we have factory-trained and experienced diesel technicians to maintain, service and repair diesel engines - in our shop or with mobile trucks for scheduled maintenance and emergencies.

While maintenance on diesel and gasoline-powered engines can be similar, there are some differences. Heavy-duty diesel engine maintenance should be performed at scheduled intervals to ensure peak performance. Even with their benefits, diesel engines can be more expensive to repair, so it is incumbent on prudent company decision makers to stay on top of regular diesel engine maintenance. That extra expense for diesel repair is generally chalked up to hard-to-find parts and less available labor but, at Madland Diesel Fleet Services, we have the trained technicians and an extensive list of parts for all types of major brand diesel engines. Follow these suggestions to help prolong the life and improve the efficiency of your diesel engine:

  • Dirty, dusty, daily: Allowing the dirt and dust of daily life to accumulate on your diesel engine can make it hard to spot an issue when it is new and easy to fix.
  • A fluid situation: Of course, keeping oil fresh and filled up is important to any engine that has moving parts, however, oil is not the only fluid to pay attention to in a diesel engine. Coolant not only helps the engine from overheating but it also helps in colder temps. Don't forget windshield wiper fluid - being able to see is important to the operator's safety!
  • Sifting sediments: Diesel engines have four important filters that need to be replaced on a regular basis. These screening parts help keep the engine and it's fluids clean for optimum operations.
  • Do not exhaust the exhaust system: Due to stricter EPA standards, diesel exhaust systems have undergone some rigorous measures, including upgraded diesel particulate filters and diesel exhaust fluid. It's important to maintain these items for optimum engine performance.

It's recommended that diesel operators use a checklist before starting a diesel engine's day. Adhering to a checklist can help owners maintain safety in the workplace and keep repairs to a minimum, while also impressing employees with the importance of taking care of equipment. 

Capacity Yard Trucks 

At Madland Toyota-Lift, we offer Capacity Yard Trucks because they have a proven record for fulfilling the requirements of even the most strenuous applications. With a warranty that cannot be beat and 45 years of experience perfecting yard trucks for industries such as manufacturers, warehouse and distribution, intermodal and ports, Capacity yard trucks are known for reliability and function, including advanced ergonomics and engineering. At Madland Diesel Fleet Services, we offer a full line of parts, repairs, and service for Capacity trucks. 


For those who choose Cummins' unmatched level of quality, Madland Diesel Fleet Services offers that same level of craftsmanship and expertise in service, parts and maintenance. Our centrally located facility, genuine Cummins parts, and mobile repair and maintenance service is designed to keep our Cummins diesel engine users up and running for maximized productivity. Cummins engines are chosen for their durability and reliability in a variety of equipment. Our diesel mechanics and technicians can handle servicing Cummins in any package. 

Next Level Care at Madland

At Madland, we go the extra mile for our customers. With Madland Diesel Fleet Services, we now offer expanded services to maximize your operations. Located in Kern County, Madland Diesel Fleet Services puts top-notch diesel maintenance and repairs at your fingertips, saving you time and money. Contact us today or visit our website to find out more. 

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