Time To Strategize About Shifting To Electric Forklifts

Electric Toyota Pneumatic Forklift

Madland Toyota-Lift offers a large selection of electric forklifts for all indoor and outdoor applications. With the California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations changing in the near future, Madland Toyota-Lift's sales team will help your company navigate through the compliance process. The proposed regulations state that internal combustion forklifts must be retired January 1, 2026, and the sale and purchase of used spark-ignited forklifts in California will also be prohibited. It is time to develop a plan to convert to a zero-emission fleet.  

According to a recent article in Material Handling & Logistics, (the Zero Emission Forklift Measure created by CARB) affects forklifts from model year 2025 and older[AB2] . Class IV and Class V forklifts may not be phased out until 2028 and 2030; that is still being negotiated. An amended proposed regulation states fleet operators can buy used forklifts from model year 2025 and older as long as they haven't been phased out. This provides flexibility for those not able to replace all their equipment and vehicles immediately. The proposed regulations will go through a final all-stakeholder workshop before CARB staff prepares the final proposed regulation for presentation to its board members in the fall of 2023.

There Are Many Advantages Of Electric Forklifts

Madland's Toyota electric forklifts meet the requirements proposed by the new emissions regulations. One of the main enticements for shifting to electric lift trucks is the lithium-ion batteries that don't need to be charged overnight; opportunity charging is all it takes. Instead of having to purchase an additional lead acid battery to run multiple shifts, with proper opportunity charging, lithium batteries can keep your forklift running continuous shifts minimizing time lost with battery swaps. Lithium batteries are maintenance free, and one charger can power multiple forklifts. Lead-acid batteries typically take overnight to recharge. For either type of battery, the maintenance required is negligible compared with internal combustion forklifts. Our experts can help calculate whether an electric forklift is worth the extra expense upfront.

Electric forklifts and other electric vehicles offer many advantages for warehouses. They are quieter than diesel and better for enclosed spaces. This affords better communication between workers and less exposure to loud noises. For protection of workers, electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions, offering a cleaner, safer work environment. And now with advanced industry standards, electric forklifts can work efficiently and with the same productivity as most outdoor internal combustion models. 

Let Madland Toyota-Lift Work With You To Maximize Your Bottom Line

Madland Toyota-Lift's expert sales team will take a comprehensive look at your current equipment usage to determine how to maximize production of your fleet. We can help determine what equipment change you may need to remain compliant with regulations and keep your warehouse running efficiently. Madland Toyota-Lift offers purchase options such as leasing contracts as well as outright purchase. The cost for electric lift trucks is higher upfront, but with lower maintenance costs and longer lifespans than internal combustion forklifts, they are more economical in the long run.  


CARB offers cash incentives for going electric. Madland is a Smart Charging Technology partner and can enroll you in the Smart Rebates™ program. We literally help customers save thousands of dollars through the program that calculates energy usage and rebates from CARB and LCFS.

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