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Toyota Forklift in Winery

Having the right piece of material handling equipment for the application at hand when you need it --- is essential to staying competitive in today's business environment.  

Different business needs or job tasks may require specialized equipment on hand to get the job done. For many businesses, the need for specialized equipment may be seasonal, arise due to increased demand, or special circumstances.

If you find yourself in need of extra or a specialized piece of equipment, what should you do? This short time demand typically doesn't necessitate the need to purchase a used or new forklift. It just wouldn't make financial dollars and cents.

In such a scenario – it would make sense to explore some material handling equipment rental options. 

We Have The Right Equipment – When You Need It!

Renting At Madland Toyota-Lift Makes Dollars and Cents

There are numerous reasons and situations when renting equipment makes more sense than buying. One of the most common reasons to rent versus buying comes down to dollars. The cost of new equipment can be quite more than most new or even established businesses would like to spend at a given time. The cost barrier of new equipment thus can lead many businesses to decide to rent in the short term until the time is right to either purchase new, used or lease.

This is common in relatively new companies that would rather invest their cash in growth driven directives like advertising and marketing and ensuring the bills are paid. For many new businesses it just make sense to rent as you need.

Have you heard try before you buy? Technology and innovation are constantly bringing new and cutting edge material handling equipment to the market. Perhaps you have your eye on the latest in material handling equipment but you want to make sure that piece of equipment really lives up to the hype. Renting for a short period would be a great alternative. It gives industries the opportunity to see just how that piece of equipment actually functions under these specific and unique applications.

Other reasons for renting include covering your bases when storage is an issue and making sure you have the right equipment at the right place. Transporting heavy equipment can be a logistical nightmare and costly. When you chose a rental option, you can keep that piece of equipment on the job site, rather than moving it around and potentially losing productivity and time.

Lastly, another great reason for renting instead of buying is maintenance. Madland Toyota-Lift will service your rental equipment for normal wear and tear at no extra cost. If maintenance costs on an aging fleet are dragging down your bottom line, renting might be the best option. 

At Madland Toyota, we offer a variety of rental programs from month-to-month, short-term and long-term. We will listen to what you need and want and, together, we'll come up with a viable program for your unique challenges. Our rentals come with competitive rates and we have a range of rental equipment to help you find answers and solutions. Contact us today for more information or to reserve your rental.  

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